Inflammation is a general problem in the human body. Now doctors are recognizing seeds as one of the best ways to reduce inflammation. These anti-inflammatory agents do not lie in the medicine cabinet but in the refrigerator.

By reading the article you will be aware of the seeds that can faint of inflammation for good.

Inflammation is a physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened swollen hot and often painful as a reaction of injury or infection.

How anti-inflammatory agents work?

Anti-inflammatory medicines block certain substances in the body that cause inflammation. They are used to treat different conditions.

Seeds may play the role of anti-inflammatory agents because of their nutritional value. Seeds are a great source of fiber, monosaturated fats, and many important vitamins and minerals. All these nutrients benefit various human problems.

Chia seeds – A treasure of anti-inflammatory food

Chia seeds are among the healthiest foods on the planet. They are rich in nutrients that benefit your body and brain. Chia seeds are tiny black seeds. They are unprocessed food that can be absorbed by the body as seeds.

One ounce contains 

·       139 calories, 

·       4 grams of protein,

·       9 grams fat, 

·       12 grams carbohydrates and 

·       11 grams of fiber

·       Vitamins and minerals

All these nutrients make chia seeds an anti-inflammatory food. Chia seeds regulate cholesterol and lower blood pressure says Axe. 

 Flax seeds-  Extremely healthy plant food.

Though tiny, they are rich in omega-3, fatty acids, lignans, and fiber. All these components have great health benefits. Primary studies show that flax seeds help fight heart diseases, blood sugar, and cancer.

Omega-3fatty acids- “Good Fats”

These fatty acids have a powerful effect on heart health. They play a vital role in maintaining your cholesterol levels to a healthy stage.


They have a plant’s estrogen and antioxidant qualities. Flax seeds contain 75 to 800more lignans than other plant food. No wonder!


Flaxseeds have both soluble and insoluble fibers. This quality makes flax seeds superfood.

Fitzpatrick says two components in flax seeds, ALA and lignans can reduce inflammation that brings many illnesses.

Hemp seeds – Nature’s perfect ratio of Omega

Hemp seeds contain the most perfect type of omega 6 fat that is called GLA which works as an anti-inflammatory massager. It helps in the symptoms of eczema, arthritis and muscle pain. Hemp seeds may support gut health also.

To reduce the inflammation, GLA may help manage symptoms of other chronic diseases, such as 

  • Metabolic syndrome.
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Non-alcohol-related fatty liver disease

Sesame seeds – Incredibly healthy plant food

Sesame seeds are generally used in Asia and also in Western countries.

Low levels of inflammation for a long period may result in chronic conditions such as obesity and cancer, as well as heart and kidney disease.

When people with kidney disease ate 18 grams of Flax seeds and 6 grams each of sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds daily for 3 months, their inflammatory symptoms reduced. Early research suggests that sesame oil and seeds may have anti-inflammatory properties. Sesame seeds may help reduce oxidative stress which can increase the symptoms of many disorders like arthritis.

Pumpkin seeds – Nutritional powerhouses

I love everything about pumpkins as well as their seeds.

“Pumpkin seeds are nutritional powerhouses because they are an excellent source of protein healthy fat and beneficial fibers.”

Although pumpkin seeds are small yet they are pack full of valuable nutrients towards nature. Eating a small amount of pumpkin seed can provide a large number of healthy fats, magnesium, and zinc. They are known as anti-inflammatory means and help to reduce arthritis pain. Pumpkin oilseed is a good and effective remedy in case of treating pain in joints.

A serving of pumpkin seeds contains about 6.6mg of zinc which accounts for almost half the recommended daily intake. Zinc is important in the diet. It is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that also helps the metabolic process.  


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