Evening primrose flower is a medicinal plant. Evening primrose is known for its healthful oil. The oil derived from its seeds is used to make medicines.

Evening primrose is found in North and South America. It also grows throughout Europe and some parts of Asia. Evening primrose has yellow flowers. They open in the evening and close during the day.

In which forms evening primrose is used?

Evening primrose is generally known as EPO. Its oil is derived from the seeds and used in capsule form. It is also sold as an herbal supplement. Its oil can be applied topically.

How primrose oil is useful?

The main elements of evening primrose oil consist of different fatty acids such as palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linolenic acid, and Y-linolenic acid. Evening primrose oil may have been combined with other plants or extracts in the preparation of different medicines to treat various health issues. More research is needed about the evidence that taking primrose oil as a supplement may benefit some health conditions.

·       Breast pain

Some women with breast pain might not have enough levels of fatty acids. Evening primrose oil is rich in fatty acids so it may be a beneficial cure for this problem. 3-4 grams of EPO can be taken by mouth daily.

·       Eczema

Some countries except the United States have approved EPO to treat eczema which is an inflammatory skin condition. Evening primrose oil is used as a herbal supplement to ease the symptoms. 2013 study found it effective as equal to placebo pills. However, another study showed the doses of either 160mg or 360mg given to children and teens were an effective treatment.

·       Acne

GLA is necessary for ideal skin building and function. A study showed that GLA supplementation reduced both inflammatory and inflammatory acne wounds. Skin cannot produce GLA on its own, so GLA rich evening primrose oil helps keep the skin healthy. It leaves a trace of oil on the skin by making it smooth and glowing. 

 Evening Primrose Essential Oil can help to remove wrinkles by moisturizing the skin and reducing the damage caused by oxidizing tissue. This helps create smoother skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. EPO can also be used to lighten dark circles around the eyes.

·       Osteoporosis

Taking EPO with fish oil and calcium decreases bone loss and increases bone strength in people with osteoporosis.

Nerve damage caused by diabetes

Research showed that taking evening primrose oil daily for 6-12 months improves the symptoms of nerve damage caused by diabetes.

·       Hair problems

EPO is known to hydrate the scalp and soothe itchiness, dryness, and inflammation. EPO has positive effects on hair loss caused by hormonal factors. GLA rich evening primrose seems to encourage hair growth. Cold-pressed Evening Primrose Oil can help improve the quality of your hair by providing Omega-6 fatty acid nourishment. Applying evening primrose essential oil to your scalp can also help strengthen the roots and channels of your hair making them less prone to breakage.

Are there any risks of taking evening primrose oil?

·       EPO is generally considered safe for most people who use it for a short time. Some minor side effects they may face are 


Stomach upset




·       EPO has a blood-thinning effect so people who take blood-thinning medication may face the risk of bleeding.

·       People who take medicine to lower blood pressure should be careful because EPO may cause a further drop in pressure.

·       Pregnant women should not use EPO for possible complications.

·       Before taking EPO or even any natural supplements, you should talk to your doctor about possible risks.


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