Are you suffering from heart disease? There might be a risk for heart disease if you have diabetes or high blood pressure.

The heart is an important organ of the body. It works hard to keep fit in our bodies. On the other hand, it has been idealized by writers, poets, and lovers. To keep the heart healthy seems like a difficult challenge, you have to eat right, exercise and keep your cholesterol on the right levels.

According to research heart disease is now the leading cause of death in Canada. So take care of your heart with natural supplements like moringa.

Moringa is full of nutrition and supports the heart in so many ways.

What’s about moringa?

Moringa Oleifera is known for its health benefits for thousands of years. It is native to northern India, but today it is common throughout the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It is widely grown in Asian countries.

Nutritional importance

  • Moringa is a good source of iron, fiber, calcium, vitamins, and antioxidants. It provides protein and all the nine amino acids.
  • Research suggests moringa leaves have properties to support anti-inflammation and detoxification. It has every antioxidant that your body needs.
  • Essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin K, making it beneficial for maintaining healthy bones and helping to heal bone disorders.
  • Moringa has several properties of medicinal value like anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-diabetic, anti-microbial, anti-hypersensitive and anti-tumor, etc.
  • Particularly it has interesting beta-sitosterol, a power-packed nutrient that blocks LDL “bad” cholesterol build-up and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for the body. Moringa, however, is an excellent source of beta-sitosterol so it’s a great food for anyone worried about cholesterol.  Moringa helps reduce cholesterol levels due to betasitosterol.
  • The high blood sugar level is a great risk for heart disease. Interestingly, various studies have shown that moringa may help lower blood sugar levels. Moringa leaf powder reduces lipid and glucose levels. Another study in the Journal of Diabetes found that moringa leaf powder helped to increase insulin production and protein helped to reduce blood glucose levels. 

What is the role of moringa for lowering the risk of heart disease?

  • A study revealed that 8 grams of moringa daily intake for 40 days reduced the risk of developing heart disease to 29%.
  • Moringa is rich in iron which facilitates the production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin plays a vital role in increasing blood oxygen levels. Low blood oxygen levels are a major risk factor for developing heart disease.
  • Various bioactive compounds found in extracts of moringa leaves may normalize the blood pressure levels. High levels of blood pressure are a great risk to heart disease. So those are just a few of the many reasons to keep taking moringa daily.


Research has shown that if the two ingredients-Ginger and Moringa, are used together in calculated amounts, their effect is significantly better. 

Ginger aids weight loss by speeding up your metabolism and gastrointestinal system and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Moringa protects the heart. Moringa helps keep your intestines from absorbing too much bad cholesterol and prevents the formation of fat buildup in your arteries, thus decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

What to do?

Take 10 green Moringa leaves; 4 cups of water; 85 grams of fresh ginger; One teaspoon of honey. Boil ginger in the water for 10 minutes. After taking the ginger off the stove add the Moringa leaves in the hot mixture, cover it and leave it to sit for 5 minutes. Strain the mixture and add honey according to your taste and drink it.

Are there any precautions for using moringa?

  • Before using moringa, always discuss it with a doctor first.
  • Moringa may have anti-infertility qualities and is therefore not recommended for pregnant women.
  • There have been very few side effects reported. Always read the label the pack and follow dosage instructions.  


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